Testosterone Injections

There truly are many anabolic androgenic steroids from which we have to choose but none is more common than simple testosterone and without question there is none of greater importance. If it were not for testosterone we wouldn't have anabolic androgenic steroids; that's right, whether you're a testosterone fan or not you should understand your favorite steroids would not exist if it did not. Let's be clear, testosterone is one of the most effective steroids available, one of the more versatile and in healthy adult men very well-tolerated when proper use is understood; however, even in exceedingly supraphysiological doses this hormone is often well-received.

Because it is so popular and so effective testosterone injections remain the most common injection for any anabolic steroid user and that includes not only performance enhancers but those who take part in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) programs. For the HRT patient in many cases testosterone injections will be the only injection ever given but just as with the performance enhancer the same hormone and the same procedures can be followed. Many people when they are first start out are often petrified of impending testosterone injections and if they're not scared they have visions of grandeur and raw power that are far exceeding reality. It's not all that surprising, look at how anabolic steroids have been portrayed in the media the last twenty plus year's completely lacking truth and based on anything but reality. As far as "The Truth" sure, testosterone injections are going to provide powerful results but they're not magic, they will not alter your brain or personality; you will still be you, simply a better functioning you.

Testosterone Injections - Intramuscular:


Testosterone injections must be administered intramuscularly and you have several options from which to choose. While you have many options you need to understand that movie you watched where the man stuck the needle in the dead center of his ass, if that were real life he would have more than likely temporarily paralyzed himself due to hitting the sciatic nerve. Don't let that scare you but movies and T.V. programs that show that are akin to showing someone injecting their eyeball.

Nearly every muscle in the body as apt for testosterone injections and within each muscle there are often multiple spots. By and large most men will perform the majority of their testosterone injections in the glutes or deltoid muscles as both areas are very easy to inject. While glutes and deltoids are convenient there are in total 9 muscle groups in the body that can receive testosterone injections and as you have two of each group that gives you a grand total of 18 groups. As mentioned within the 18 spots there are often multiple injections points with a few muscle groups being exceptions and only possessing one but when we consider all the muscle groups and all the various points there are 34 different locations in-which testosterone injections may be performed on the body. The muscles that may be injected and the number of injection points on each include:

  • Glutes: 1 site per glute
  • Deltoids: 3 sites per deltoid
  • Biceps: 2 sites per bicep
  • Triceps: 3 sites per tricep
  • Lats: 1 site per lat
  • Pectorals: 3 sites per pec
  • Quadriceps: 2 sites per quad
  • Traps: 1 site per trap
  • Calves: 2 sites per calf

Performing Testosterone Injections - Location Specifics:

As we discussed any time we perform our testosterone injections we do not for any reason simply pull out a syringe and stick a needle where ever we desire; there are specific points within each muscle that testosterone injections may be administered. However, if you've never done it before you simply won't know how but that doesn't mean you can't learn. For example; maybe you've never changed a tire but if you had a flat tire it's doubtful you'd pull out a gun and shoot your car; no, you'd take the right steps to have the tire changed; in this sense testosterone injections are no different. As you recall there are 34 specific locations located within 9 muscle groups ready to receive an injection of testosterone and it is here we will show you the location of each and every one:

  • Deltoids - There are three locations on each deltoid muscle giving you a total of 6 injectable locations. Within each deltoid the anterior, lateral and posterior heads can all be injected with the lateral being the easiest and most popular spot on the entire body. To inject any deltoid head find the center point of that muscle and inject.
  • Glutes: There is only one spot in each glute; from the dead center of the glute that will be injected go upwards towards your back until you are approximately 2 inches from your lower back. Move outward away from the body approximately 3 inches and this is where you inject.
  • Triceps - There are 3 locations in each tricep giving you six total locations in all; the outer, inner and middle tricep heads can all be injected. Regardless of the head chosen simply find the center of the head and inject.
  • Biceps: Each bicep has 2 injectable points giving you 4 total injectable points with both biceps. Both the inner and outer head can be injected, in either case simply find the center of the desired head and inject.
  • Lats - There is only one spot in each lat giving you 2 total injectable points. In either lat simply find the dead center of the muscle and inject.
  • Pectorals - There are 3 spots in each pec that are suitable for injections giving you a total of 6 pectoral spots in all. The lower outside, middle inside and upper inside area can all be injected with the middle being the most convenient.
  • Quadriceps - There are 2 spots in each quad, the inner and outer head. For the outer head, often referred to as “The Sweep” this will be the easiest and generally well-tolerated with the inner head, commonly referred to as “The Tear Drop” being quite painful. In either case the dead center of the desired location should be found and then injected.
  • Traps - There is only one spot in each trap and it is the dead center of the muscle. This spot is highly cautioned against for most testosterone users and should only be used as a last resort or in the case of an emergency if such should exist.
  • Calves - Perhaps the most sensitive area there are 2 locations on the calf giving 4 total points in all. Both the inner and outer heads may be injected in the dead center of the muscle; however, as the nerve endings are in high supply in this area of the body this can be one very painful injection.

Who Why & When:

If you are a healthy adult man who is in need of an HRT program or after performance enhancing then the odds are testosterone injections are for you. Testosterone injections are well-suited for any cycle for any purpose from bulking to cutting to simply enhancing athletic performance. As we discussed this is the most versatile hormone on earth and as many men have discovered simple and regular testosterone injections often make the difference in how well their overall quality of life is or how much it is lacking if such injections are missing. The bottom line is simple; testosterone injections are safe and simple, highly effective and the sooner you take action the sooner you'll see your life vastly improved.