Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate has the propionate ester and this is the only feature that makes it different from other Testosterone steroids in the same family. Propionate is one of the short esters that have been combined with Testosterone and this is what makes Testosterone propionate to be referred to as a "short steroid". Why would anyone want a short steroid in his system? The users of steroids vary from one place to the other but a good majority of them do not want to fail drugs tests. With competitive sports, bodies that govern them do not allow anyone to have an unfair advantage over the others and the use of steroids will be classified as having an unfair advantage over other people. Using a short steroid, which will leave the body in the shortest time possible, is the best, since you will have the advantage of training and gaining a lot of good quality muscle and still compete with the people in your class. The downside of having a steroid that take a short time in the body means that you will not have to get constant shots all the time and probably spend more when purchasing them.

Testosterone propionate is anabolic and androgenic, meaning that is can be used for bulking and fat loss at the same time. This is a double advantage since everyone wants to lose fat weight and gain muscle weight at the same time. This is a special steroid that increases the rate of protein synthesis, which also means that you will need a lot more proteins in your diets to keep this rate up. Testosterone propionate also increases the activities of satellite cells that promote the healing of scars and wasted muscles. It is a bulking steroid, which comes in handy when used among patients with muscle wasting diseases. With muscle replenishment comes an increased energy level and with energy comes good health for people suffering from the side effects of muscle wasting. It increases the red blood cells count in the body and anyone who has suffered from anemia can benefit. It also reduces the level of bad cholesterol and saves the user from diseases of the heart. Testosterone propionate increases the aggression among its users too.


Some of the side effects of Testosterone propionate include gynecomastia, Virilization and water retention. The latter side effect is due to the fact that the rate of aromatization of Testosterone propionate is pretty high.