Testosterone Suspension

This is a testosterone steroid that is the pure form of the hormone; with no ester attached to it. It is called testosterone suspension as it is suspended in water and oil bases. The former is the more preferred of the two types of testosterone suspension. This is so because you do not need a lot of testosterone suspension when it is suspended in water as compared to the amount you will need when it is suspended in oil. With it comes to testosterone suspension suspended in oil, you will have issues with painful injections which is also a downside to used in testosterone suspension suspended in oil.

There is an advantage that comes with using injectable steroids over the oral steroids and this is naturally because it gets into your body faster and leaves just as fast. This means that you will see the results of using the steroid safely in your body compared to using oral steroids. Incase you are subject to drugs testing in competitive sports, think about using injectable over oral steroids since they tend to leave the body faster than oral steroids. Testosterone suspension promotes the activity of cells in the body known as satellite cells, which promote the healing of wounds and other muscle wasting illnesses. By promoting the increase in the red blood cells it has also been used to heal those people suffering from anemia. Anyone who uses testosterone suspension will have a lot more oxygen in their muscles and a lot more energy to metabolize proteins as a result. This means too that he will heal faster from injuries that come with exercising and he will exercise more as a result. Fat loss is just as important to bodybuilding as bulking and testosterone suspension also increases fat loss. If you want the level of aggression to increase, use testosterone suspension


As for the side effects, you will not escape the usual that come with testosterone steroids, like Virilization and gynecomastia. Women who use testosterone suspension for a long time will start developing masculine features, like facial and body hair and the depending of the voice. Gynecomastia happens because of the rate of aromatization, the change of testosterone into estrogen which also brings about water retention and the deepening of the voice. It is best when you want to pass a drugs test, if you are going to be tested before any match.