Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is both androgenic and anabolic, with both rates being the same. This means that while it can be used for bulking it can also be used in the cutting phase and for the removal of fat. The effects of Testosterone enanthate will be largely influenced the enanthate ester. Testosterone enanthate heals the damaged cells of the body, thanks to the fact that it increases the activity of satellite cells that promotes healing.

Since you will need a lot of proteins to increase the size of the muscles of the body, you will also need nitrogen synthesis, which Testosterone enanthate is also known best for. This means that any use of Testosterone enanthate will also need a lot of dietary proteins. Eat good quality foods and if possible consult with a professional nutritionist for a diet plan and a trainer for a physical training plan.

When it comes to the increase of the quality of muscles of the body, this is the steroid to use. You will have good quality muscles in the body, if you regulate the use of Testosterone enanthate and you accompany this use with dieting and exercise. Testosterone enanthate will add the supply of oxygen to the muscles in its development since the red blood cells levels will have also been increased. You will gain lean muscles, which are great for competitive sports like track and field. Gaining a lot of strength will follow; a characteristic that is also needed by competitive sports. Testosterone enanthate has the ability to guard your body against coronary heart disease that come because of bad cholesterol, by reducing bad cholesterol, Testosterone enanthate will reduce your chances of getting coronary heart diseases by a wide margin.


With Testosterone enanthate you will not need a lot of it to get the positive effects of using Testosterone enanthate which is a positive effect since it will help you save some money as well. You do not need constant shots as well and this means that the effects of Testosterone enanthate are longer lasting compared to other Testosterone steroids. The side effects of Testosterone enanthate are an issue although not as much. These only develop when you have used it for a long time. The gynecomastia and Virilization side effects feature prominently among the side effects of Testosterone enanthate. Aside from that Testosterone enanthate also affects the natural production of the testosterone hormones in the body.