Low Testosterone

Low testosterone level is a condition faced by almost all men as they grow old. Some men recognize this early and know it can be treated but majority consider it a natural process associated with age and do not bother much about it. No doubt, low testosterone levels are associated with age and men starts feeling less energetic upon entering their forties. This condition aggravates even further upon entering fifties; however, the change is gradual as it occurs over a period of decade and hence it is hard to feel it altogether. One gets used to it hence doesn’t feel a need for the treatment. Once your testosterone level starts declining you not only feel less energetic but also depressed and irritable. Other conditions like less sex drive, increased body fat and less muscles accompany it making the situation even worse. Those who know the way to treat low testosterone levels can spend their lives as normal but those who do not, have to face drastic changes.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

You must have heard of ‘low-T’ treatments; it is actually the treatment for low testosterone. This is a therapy used to supplement the body with additional testosterone hormone from an outside source. When the body gets supplemental testosterone it feels a new wave of energy which helps the user get rid of other associated effects like tiredness, inactive lifestyle, less sexual desire etc.

However, the user needs to keep in mind that there is no permanent solution and since this is an artificial treatment, a regular supply is very important to maintain the new testosterone level in the body. This will ensure increased performance and strength in the body which will definitely translate into potency, energy and activity. The user has to continue this therapy throughout the life because, as mentioned earlier, there is no permanent cure hence this therapy needs to be continued throughout for better results.


Different low testosterone treatment options are available. The user can select any of the treatment options he finds the most suitable. Since we all human beings are different and have different body traits therefore it is not possible to have one-size-fits-all treatment option. Some users may feel an option more effective as compared to the other, whereas for some others that option is totally ineffective. So the method to treat low testosterone will vary from person to person. The most common options are discussed below.

  • Testosterone Injections : Testosterone injections are the most common of all low testosterone treatment options. It is the most popular method because of its effectiveness. It is an intramuscular injection and given the fact that injections directly penetrate into the blood stream the effect is immediate and noticeable. Dosage depends upon the body of the user. For some users one injection is enough for 10 days whereas for some more frequent injections are required. Some people may feel the idea of injecting themselves bothersome; however, the method is not much painful; after all you are a man!
  • Androgel (Transdermal Testosterone Creams) : This is transdermal cream which has to be applied on the skin. The cream then penetrates into the body and produces the desired effect. Since the cream is slow to penetrate the effects are also produced gradually. Comparatively the results achieved by cream are too gradual as compared to those achieved by injections. Another thing is that, unlike injections, you need to apply cream daily to get excellent results. Some users, in fact quite a few, may feel skin irritation while using the cream, which doesn’t have any side effects, however shows that you need to switch to another low testosterone treatment option and hence you may end up with testosterone injections.
  • Androderm (Transdermal Testosterone Patches) : This is similar to androgel but the only difference lies in the fact that they have a different form. It is a patch which has to be applied on the skin and has to be changed every 24 hours. Its procedure is also same that the solution on the patch penetrates into the skin and produces the desired effects. This may also cause skin burning, rashes or irritation and inability to cope with that may require switching the low testosterone treatment method.

What to Do?

If you feel the similar symptoms as discussed in this article you need to think strongly about treating your low testosterone. No matter what age you are at, it is always the right time to go for a treatment as soon as you recognize the condition. Don’t think I am too old because you are never too old for low testosterone treatment and after the treatment you will no longer feel old. After all, there is no point in living like an old chap when there are options to live a rejuvenated life.

Once you identify the need, you have to pay a visit to the nearest hormone replacement clinic. Have a talk with the physician; if you feel it’s the right place to get the treatment go ahead. Next step would be a simple blood test which will tell the physician where your current testosterone levels are and how much of the new supply is needed to put the low levels back to normal. You can also discuss the most appropriate low testosterone treatment method according to your body traits. Once it is decided go for it and feel the effects for yourself. Depending upon the method of your choice you will get the results immediately or some time later. The effects would include increased energy levels, stable moods, less tiredness and fatigue, happy and healthy feeling, increased libido, increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat.

Once you have started the treatment keep in mind that quitting would put your testosterone levels back to their previous position. So keep on supplying the testosterone and maintain the new level of testosterone in your body in order to gain all the positive results given above which will give you a new desire to live a healthy and happy life.