Testosterone Cream

Testosterone cream is simply a transdermal application of the testosterone hormone you rub directly on your skin just as you would any type of lotion. The hormone in a testosterone cream is the same as any other testosterone based medication; as you already know testosterone is simply testosterone. The difference between a testosterone cream and say an injectable solution is the delivery of the hormone, the absorption rate and efficiency of the product but the active hormone remains the same. As you are aware there are many forms of applicable testosterone but when it comes to testosterone cream there are generally only two of worthy note; AndroGel and "The Cream" with many generic AndroGel's being available.

The Common Testosterone Cream:

Of any testosterone cream you may find AndroGel is without question the most common and one of the most commonly prescribed testosterones in the treatment of low testosterone. One reason it is so popular is the ease of its use; simply rub the gel like testosterone cream on your upper arms or shoulders and let it absorb into the skin; it doesn't get any more basic than that. Another reason it is so popular is due to its very low potent nature; doses of AndroGel are often ten to even twenty times the amount of injectable testosterone because the gel like testosterone cream only has an absorption rating of about 10% meaning most of the active hormone never makes it into the body. Many physicians prefer this method due to a misplaced fear of the hormone. While AndroGel has a place in medicine, for the average man who suffers from low testosterone this is not a method we strongly recommend as it is largely inefficient.

Performance Testosterone Cream:


"The Cream" was a testosterone cream made by the late Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) that in many ways is very similar to every other testosterone cream on earth in-terms of application and the hormone within. The difference between "The Cream" and say AndroGel is that "The Cream" was made in an effort to beat drug testing for tested athletes thereby allowing them to increase testosterone levels without raising suspicion and guess what, it worked very well. This testosterone cream was a mixture of testosterone and epitestosterone thereby allowing the athlete to increase both testosterone and epitestosterone levels at the same time. This is important because steroid testing often measures the levels of the two hormones and it is when testosterone levels go far beyond epitestosterone levels that red flags are raised. By maintaining equal or at least close to equal parts the athlete could increase his levels with this potent testosterone cream without raising suspicion.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

As eluded to above a testosterone cream can be useful in increasing levels in men who suffer from low testosterone but in many cases it is not strong enough; truth be told in many cases they simply aren't prescribed enough. While it has been proven the absorption rate of a testosterone cream is only about 10% this is something many doctors refuse to acknowledge. In the end most men are far better served asking for injectable testosterone or testosterone implant pellets such as Testopel to treat their condition.

For the performance enhancer we can have a bit of a different story; obviously the performance enhancer will not be bound by a specific dose and can apply much more of the testosterone cream if he desires. Even so, the athlete should not expect massive buildups in lean tissue and strength but more of a boosting effect. Testosterone cream can be very useful for a tested athlete looking for an added advantage; whether this is fair or not is a discussion for another day. For the gym rat or individual looking for a bodybuilding type physique testosterone cream truly has no useful place.


A testosterone cream can cause the same side-effects as any other testosterone form including injectable testosterone such as water retention, Gynecomastia, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. However, as nearly all who use testosterone cream will do so for the purpose of therapeutic measure doses will be so low the probability of such side-effects is very low. There is one side-effect of testosterone cream that is however unique unto its own and that is irritation of the skin at the applied area in the form of a rash or burn. For this reason many men find the creams to be uncomfortable. We must note at this time if it sounds like we're giving testosterone cream a hard time while that may be true we're simply telling it like it is and while this can be a fair product for some men by and large there are simply many far superior products available in-terms of safety and effectiveness.