Testosterone in Women

You know testosterone is an important hormone and not merely important but vital to proper bodily function. As it is known testosterone is the primary male dominant hormone and in many ways is responsible for what makes a man a man; at least in part. While this remains true what many fail to understand is women need the hormone too; they may not need nearly as much as a man but testosterone in women is an essential part of their life. For the average woman it truly is a fine line as she cannot increase her levels too much or the effects can be devastating; in-fact, the healthy woman only produces about a tenth of what a health man makes but what she does make she most certainly needs. Let's look at testosterone in women, how it affects them, how it benefits them and what can happen if their levels get too high.

Testosterone in Women - The Benefits and Effects:

Testosterone in women does without question play an important role in metabolic function and the total muscular and skeletal structure as it does in men; after all, women need muscle tissue too and they need a healthy functioning metabolism. While this remains true it is the libido for which testosterone in women can be of interesting significance as women who suffer from low levels often find their libido to be one of the first things to go; often followed by their physique. This is the problem with many birth control medications as they actively decrease a woman's testosterone levels and by doing so decrease her libido; she takes birth control so she can have sex without getting pregnant but often the desire to have sex goes out the window. Couple this with the damaging physical effects of low levels and you begin to see how important testosterone in women is. If you happen to be a woman with low libido to none at all or if you find you have difficulty losing weight the culprit may indeed be low testosterone and you are encouraged to seek treatment right away; in-fact, in most cases we can guarantee this is the culprit.

Libido and total metabolic function are undoubtedly important but there is something else regarding testosterone in women that often goes ignored and it's a shame as low levels of the hormone have been directly linked to two negative factors. Data has shown that women who do not have enough testosterone in their system severely open the doorway to both depression and osteoporosis and quite significantly so; in-fact, both conditions could largely be avoided by numerous women if adequate testosterone therapy was applied. When total testosterone in women is of an adequate level their bones remain stronger and when total testosterone in women is at an adequate level their general state of mind is enhanced and maintains a stable sense of well-being. Absolutely, the hormone is that important and we cannot state or emphasize it enough.

High Testosterone in Women:


While women need the hormone there truly is a fine line that must be walked far more so than with a man. Men can increase testosterone levels exponentially and largely without any major problems but for a woman it is a far different story. Total testosterone in women must be maintained at a very specific level; too low and she suffers as discussed above and too high and it will destroy her very femininity. High testosterone in women can bring about many masculine effects and steel away from a woman her very essence of being a woman; such effects can include:

  • Deepening of the Vocal Chords
  • Facial Hair Growth
  • Body Hair Growth
  • Hair Loss (Baldness)
  • Acne
  • Clitoral Enlargement

For the woman who suffers from low testosterone she does not need to let the above symptoms frighten her; if you receive therapy you are not going to receive a dose that extends your total levels to this point. Such effects as the ones above are in most all cases due to the use and abuse of very specific anabolic androgenic steroids by female athletes. Absolutely, women can safely and effectively supplement with anabolic steroids without such effects occurring but there are rules and procedures; another discussion for another day.