Safe Testosterone

You want to supplement but you want safe testosterone; after all, if it's not safe then it can't be worth all that much. Safe testosterone is a concern many people have and it is a good concern to have, for if we are not healthy any benefits we obtain are not all that beneficial at all. The truth is as you understand testosterone is simply testosterone but is there such a thing as safe testosterone? With absolute assurance we can confidently say yes. There's no doubt about it the world of anabolic androgenic steroids is one of high contested debate and unfortunately much of this debate revolves around strong emotional arguments rather than being based on solid foundational facts. Go to any of the anti-steroid websites and you'll be given horror stories and scare tactics will be used that are based on little more than conjectural rumor and this simply won't do. Of course it can go both ways; there are those who present the argument on the pro-steroid side who are so entrenched in their own thinking they lay aside basic facts too; the question is where does the truth lie?

What then about safe testosterone; as testosterone is the foundational hormone of all anabolic steroids can it be used safely and is there anywhere we can turn for a true unbiased argument, a point of reference that only points to the facts? In recent years many physicians across the U.S. have finally begun to recognize the benefits of testosterone therapy, largely for the purpose of treating Hypogonadism a condition where a man is no longer producing enough of the primary androgen. Still the question remains how safe is it, can there really be safe testosterone therapy? In 1996 the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) performed one of the most in-depth studies on the hormone in modern history and one that has been more telling than any study since. The study entitled "The Effects of Supraphysiological Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men" was performed and while its findings were groundbreaking they have largely been ignored by many in the medical community as they go against the standard traditional thought. This is the nature of man; when arguments are presented that are contrary to entrenched beliefs even when presented in factual form they are often hard for many to accept and such behavior can be seen all throughout history. Let's take a look at the study and then you can determine for yourself if safe testosterone truly exist.

The Foundation:

The study that would follow would include 40 men ranging from 19-40 years of age; each man was considered healthy by all practical standards both mentally and physically, had never supplemented with anabolic steroids before nor used recreational drugs of any kind. 4 weeks before the test began each man was instructed to discontinue any form of exercise and at the 2 week mark prior to the study each man was instructed to follow a diet that was as follows:

  • 36 Calories per Kilogram of Body Weight
  • 1.5g of Protein per Kilogram
  • 100% of the RDA of Vitamins & Minerals

Each man's diet was monitored closely and adjusted every two weeks based on any weight changes the individual may have experienced to keep the ratios of calories inline. The men were further separated into four groups of ten that were to be as follows:

  • Group 1: Placebo & No Exercise
  • Group 2: Testosterone & Exercise
  • Group 3: Placebo & Exercise
  • Group 4: Testosterone & Exercise

Of the 20 men who were given testosterone, 10 from group 2 and 10 from group 4 all were given 600mg of Testosterone-Enanthate per week for 10 weeks; it is important to note this is 3 times the standard highest therapeutic testosterone dose and 6 times higher than the standard average therapeutic dose; if safe testosterone exist then such a dose would be very telling one way or another.

The Results:

If you are interested in the full study, the specifics of the weight training routine each group was put through, how much lean mass each group gained and how much body-fat was lost then feel free to visit the NEJM website; here we are only concerned with the after effects. If there is no such thing as safe testosterone the effects of such a study would be very telling as the doses were of a supraphysiological nature. At the conclusion of the test all physical and mental changes were measured and the following is what was found:

  • Of the 20 men receiving testosterone 3 developed acne
  • Liver Enzyme Concentrations changed in no group
  • Hemoglobin Concentrations & Hematocrits were all unchanged in all groups
  • Red Cell Counts were unchanged in all groups
  • LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides did not change in any group
  • HDL Cholesterol did not change in any testosterone group
  • Mood & Behavior in all testosterone subjects was unchanged, any differences in mood and behavior were so small they were not of measurable significance

Is Safe Testosterone a Reality?

When you look at the after effects of this study, the effects on physical and mental condition they are without question very favorable to the testosterone hormone. No one died, no one got sick, no one had any damaging effects on their body in any shape form or fashion; in-fact, if you look at the entire study and you are strongly encouraged to of the 20 men prescribed this performance level dosing of testosterone each was healthier in the end. Is this enough to lead us to a final conclusion? Perhaps not but it strongly supports the pro-steroid side of the argument and should not be ignored; it undoubtedly raises some serious question regarding what you have more than likely been told all of your life regarding testosterone.

For many the results of the NEJM were astounding even mind-blowing but they really shouldn't be; after all, testosterone is not a foreign substance, each human being has been making it their entire life. The difference between testosterone you make naturally versus testosterone introduced exogenously your body makes no distinguishable difference. Does this mean safe testosterone exists? If nothing else it by all means points in that direction.