Testosterone Profiles

Testosterone is a hormone in all human beings; responsible for the development of secondary physical characteristics in men among others. It is what makes boys become men, while it is produced in the bodies of women as well, although in smaller amounts. What makes some women have male features including facial hair is a larger amount of Testosterone in their bodies. As for the men with little masculine features, it is because they have less Testosterone than is required for them. Testosterone has been produced in synthetic forms for some time and a lot of them come with esters. This is one of the two Testosterone steroids that come in the pure form of Testosterone with no ester attached to it.

Testosterone aids in the development of muscles in the body, and that is why men and women differ in physique and strength. It is no wonder some people will have external supply of Testosterone in their bodies to increase their physical capacities, especially those who participate in competitive sport. Testosterone increases the level of endurance too, and people using Testosterone will have a lot more strength and endurance when participating in sport.


Testosterone increases the red blood cell count for those people who are suffering from anemia. Red blood cells will transport oxygen to the muscles and this will improve the rate of protein synthesis, which means more muscles and more strength for the user. Women, who are naturally predisposed to having smaller bodies than men can build up their muscles and participate in competitive sport as well as men.

Every steroid has to have some form of control since the side effects range from the very simple to the over-dramatic side effects. Even as you are a woman who wants strength, you do not want to lose your femininity, do you? Well, the overuse of Testosterone in large amounts for a long time will lead to Virilization, which is the development of male physical characteristics in women. Some of the most dramatic side effects of Virilization have been the infertility in female users, which starts when menstruation stops. Facial hair and body hair as well as the deepening of the voice are some of the characteristics that come with using Testosterone for a long time. The same is the case with men; since they may develop breasts due to the presence of the female hormone estrogen in their bodies. You can prevent this by using anti-estrogen steroids.